About MoYS

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Overarching Goal

Enhance the participation of the youth in the development of the nation through effective mobilization, empowerment, training, and sports to foster national cohesion, enhance peace and improve quality of life.

MOYS Strategic Objectives

  1. Promote the socio-economic and political status of young people and support their engagement in the leadership and decision-making portfolio at all levels.
  2. Provide appropriate, youth-friendly social services to the youth and Youth with special needs including psycho-social support to the youth in conflict and difficult circumstances.
  3. To improve and strengthen the governance, management, and partnerships to enable the Ministry to deliver efficient and effective programs and services.
  4. Promote physical, mental, and emotional health among youth, through play, sports, recreation, artistic and cultural expression, personality development, and character building.
  5. Enhance environmental knowledge and development awareness among


To create opportunity for youth through affirmative development of talent and development of sports in Somalia by promoting participation and competition in local and international sports, rehabilitating, and establishing new sports facilities.


Our mission is to develop and implement action plans and programs that establish capacities needed in the development of Youth and Sports across villages, districts, regions, and Federal level thereby delivering modern youth interventions and sporting facilities in line with international standards.


The Ministry practices and promotes the following values:

IntegrityWe are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics
Accessibility/TransparencyWe practice an open-door policy, and we operate in all fairness and transparency
QualityWe are result oriented and committed To providing services of the highest quality to our customers
TeamworkWe foster teamwork and the sharing of information and resources
TimelinessWe are responsive and strive to meet targets