Youth Dep

Youth department

Department of youth is committed to the advocacy, development, capacity-building, mobilization and coordination of Somali young people, the promotion and protection of human rights community, and plays a role in the political, economic and social development of Somalia.


Department of Youth, envisions enhancing the national consciousness of the youth through effective mobilization, empowerment, education and training.


The creation of an enabling environment for effective development of the youth sector and to prepare young people physically and mentally fit

Department Mandate  

  • Capacity building and youth empowerment
  • Human rights advocacy
  • Protection and youth dialogue for peace and good governance
  • Education and health
  • Volunteerism and youth employment initiatives
  • Awareness of young people against bad actions and drugs
  • Establishing a national youth council
  • participation in building youth organizations in districts, regions, and regional administrations
  • building and managing youth centres in the country
  • registration of youth organizations